Strategies to Adopt to Avoid Businesses Disruption in the Wake of COVID-19

With uncertainty prevailing around the world owing to the COVID-19 pandemic, there has been a need to reevaluate the way businesses operate. Organizations are looking at ways to improve their resilience, in the face of challenges associated with the rapidly-changing global business environment through strategic plans at both operational and organizational levels.

Strategies to help tide over the crisis

In this scenario, having an effective business continuity plan (BCP) with short, medium, and long-term goals for your organization is of paramount importance. Employees are the backbone of any organization and their safety and security must be a top priority.

Every organization needs to have a transparent response strategy for both its internal and external stakeholders. Enterprises also need to have a break glass strategy in place in the event of distressing financial situations and a rebound strategy for when the world returns to normalcy.

Owing to social distancing measures, employees are forced to work from their homes. As a result, organizations must ensure that they have adequate capacity to deliver the excess demands on their IT infrastructure. It should have the capability to let employees be connected anytime and anywhere to ensure that work gets done and clients are satisfied.

Cybersecurity is another challenge that enterprise leaders need to focus on during these times. Since most people are dependent on home networks and virtual connections to keep their businesses powering through, it has led to an increase in phishing attacks. Enterprises need to strengthen their security practices within the organizational network to keep their critical data safe from hackers.

In the wake of COVID-19, many organizations are reprioritizing their business objectives to deliver mission-critical processes that relate to current scenarios. Enterprises are looking for partners to deliver on the technological aspects of their BCPs. This includes cloud migration, robotic process automation (RPA) solutions, and IoT integration solutions.

Zerone: Your Interim Partner


In these challenging times of COVID-19, Zerone can be your interim technological partner and help you find solutions for your business-critical problems. Our wide range of Agile-based solutions can help build a roadmap for enterprises’ digital transformation needs during this pandemic.

Our IoT solutions can be integrated to have sensors that can collect data related to tracking fleets and assets. These insights can help efficiently track assets in real-time, thereby reducing the need for human intervention and communication.

Since most of the world has adopted remote working practices, it has become essential for businesses to move their data and operations to the cloud. Zerone’s cloud services help you find an optimal, scalable solution that is tailor-made for your business needs.

Our Robotic Process Automation (RPA) solutions can develop automated solutions in the supply chain industry to avoid the risk of possible contamination among factory workers. Redundant processes can be automated, or collaborative solutions can be implemented where employees work in conjunction with automated solutions to streamline tasks.

For companies in the healthcare sector, our best-in-class Artificial Intelligence solutions can mine through reams of healthcare data to gain valuable insights that will help them develop future treatment methods for a better tomorrow.

Our Facial Recognition Technology (FRT) solutions can help build contactless devices, in place of existing systems like attendance management systems and travel passes, to avoid the possibility of contracting an infection through touch.

Zerone develops bespoke software solutions carefully customized for the needs of our clients. Our Agile methodologies ensure that business processes are made more efficient and safe for a promising future ahead. Contact an expert today for a safer and better tomorrow!

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