Kofax Leads as the Sole Provider of End-to-End Intelligent Automation

Are you looking for a scalable, end-to-end intelligent automation solution for your business? Here’s a good news for you.

Kofax, a process automation software provider in the United States has announced that they have attained leadership position as the only provider of end-to-end intelligent automation solutions to businesses at scale. The company’s unique product Kofax RPA is probably the only solution built into a robust intelligent automation platform. As stated in Kofax’s latest press release, their solution allows organizations to automate and manage entire process journey within a single, completely integrated environment. By doing this, you can improve your customer experiences as well as your operational efficiencies.

“No other RPA player can boast this breadth in Intelligent Automation capabilities – all on a fully-integrated platform. That’s a significant differentiation and competitive advantage”, says Chris Huff, Chief Strategy Officer at Kofax.

So how’s Kofax going to benefit your business? Take a look here.

  1. Completely integrating RPA with cognitive capture and document transformation:

Digitalization creeps into your business at amazing speed. Still more than 60% of your business processes rely on documents and records, and you need the ability to perform document capture and transformation at any stage of your process automation. Kofax integrates its RPA fully with cognitive capture and document transformation, offering your business a high level of consistency and support.

  • Support end-to-end automation of critical operations on the same platform:

Wherever you cannot bring data automatically into your process orchestration workflow, and wherever manual intervention or custom coding is required, Kofax can support with end-to-end automation, while on the same platform. This eliminates unwanted friction and expenditure, otherwise required with a multi-vendor solution. It simply means that complex, time consuming processes that demand human involvement can be executed automatically in less time.

  • Native AI capabilities built into Kofax RPA:

Native AI means AI developed to address a specific business purpose. Unfortunately, most of the AI flaunted by many RPA vendors do not have the capability to deliver end-to-end automation of business processes. Kofax delivers native AI capabilities which helps you accomplish document recognition and classification, sentiment analysis, image recognition- everything natively within Kofax’s intelligent automation platform. That means, you don’t require a third-party AI to support you.

  • RPA that takes care of customer satisfaction:

Intelligent automation makes more sense if your RPA application can take care of activities beyond workflow; for instance, communication automation. Customer satisfaction and communications are usually the extras which you need to take up and address on your own. A standalone RPA may not do that for you. Kofax is embedding customer satisfaction into its new suite by offering native customer communications, mobility and electronic signature capabilities- all this to help your customer gain a lasting experience.

  • Harnessing unique AI capabilities:

End-to-end intelligent automation means that your RPA needs to be rapidly deployable, ready for immediate use, and capable of automating all points on your business process transformation journey. As an integrated Intelligent Automation platform, Kofax meets your requirement by harnessing highly integrated, unified AI capabilities which include Cognitive Capture, RPA, Process Orchestration, Mobility and Engagement, and Advanced Analytics. It helps you improve your competitive advantage, reduce time-to-market and lessen the total cost of ownership.

Organizations engaged with larger digital transformation initiatives could definitely consider Kofax’s intelligent automation platform. With end-to-end intelligent automation, you can reduce manual work and errors, reduce costs and improve customer engagement, particularly if you have information-intensive business processes to handle.

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