How are AI and NLP Changing the Marketing Landscape?

In this era of automation and advanced technologies, if you are not using Artificial Intelligence (AI) in your marketing strategies, you are already lagging. AI-based solutions can help create highly personalized experiences for your consumers. Natural Language Processing (NLP), a subset of AI, analyzes massive amounts of natural language data. It’s an incredibly powerful tool that converts written/printed matter and spoken words into data that a computer can read.

NLP, integrated with Machine Learning (ML), enables marketers to analyze customer content at a micro-level. These are key verticals that NLP has been creating waves in.

Customer Services – NLP tech can analyze customer support tickets before a live agent even sees them. Both large and small businesses can implement next-generation CX tools that leverage NLP-based conversational interfaces to improve the customer experience at a reduced cost.

Legal industry – NLP is playing an increasing role in finding information relevant to judicial decisions, determining related documents, generating routine legal reports, and providing tailored advice using question-and-answer dialogs for leading law firms.

Healthcare sector – NLP algorithm can read all sorts of data in the healthcare space to find the best ways to extract relevant inputs and bring it together to help clinicians make the best decisions for their patients.

Conversational marketing is the latest buzzword and AI and NLP are the new-age disruptors of all things marketing. Here are five ways in which AI and NLP can intensify your marketing strategies:

1. Sales Forecasting

With an AI-powered conversion management solution, you can get all the data you need for your inbound marketing strategies. The solution analyzes large blocks of content and identifies trends. This allows you to interact with consumers in real-time through online conversations and events. By communicating with consumers at precise decision-making moments, you can influence buying decisions at the right time. AI can also help you monitor these social conversations and identify the relevant ones.

2. Ad Campaign Optimization

An AI-based solution can take you a step further with more profound insights and analysis. It can tap into consumer information hidden in social profiles, keyword searches, and other online data. This can help you optimize digital advertising and account-based marketing without human labor. AI-driven bots can give you live updates on the progress of your campaigns. AI-based applications can optimize your bids, budgets, targeting, and ad creatives to provide you with the best results.

3. E-commerce and Chatbots

NLP can sift through product descriptions in an online marketplace and automatically amend HTML to include important attributes. With its visual capabilities, AI can enable online shoppers to discover complementary products on e-commerce sites. NLP can also improve the performance and usability of AI-driven chatbots. Customers are 10 times more likely to engage with chatbots as they customize marketing and sales information for them.

4. Social Media Sentiment Analysis

With the capability to extract the intent and sentiment behind a language, NLP can derive the sentiment of conversations with individual customers and steer the conversation towards a conversion. NLP uses factors like the volume of mentions and customer sentiment to deduce the emotional value of your brand on social media. Positive and negative brand sentiment drawn from your social media posts can help you target your campaigns more effectively. Advanced NLP tools can even extract the social handles of those who have shown interest in a purchase or your brand.

5. Content Generation and Strategy

AI systems can write ad copy, draft email subject lines, and other text that convert at higher rates than work produced by human copywriters. AI can do a better job than your team of humans in providing data-driven insights for your content strategy. It can analyze your content performance data, compare data with other sites, and offer predictions about what to write and what topics perform best. AI-powered tools can also optimize content before and after it’s published, reducing the manual work required to get the most out of content investments. AI is designed to make recommendations, using data to predict what people will like.

It is hard to imagine the full breadth of applications of NLP in the future of marketing. With the capability of NLP-powered systems to process a vast amount of data, it can help marketers draw conclusions and influence strategy. From picking out your customers in real-time with facial recognition to understanding customer sentiments with NLP, AI and ML are not just accelerating but adding new depth to digital experiences, digital operations, and core digital systems.

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