IBM to Drive AI Adoption Via AI OpenScale Platform

IBM’s new technology platform AI OpenScale is all set to address the key challenges of artificial intelligence (AI) adoption. It enables organizations to maintain transparency at all levels of the AI lifecycle, irrespective of the environments in which their AI applications are built or run. A report from IBM News Room states that OpenScale AI is a “scalable and open platform that makes it easy to use AI in a vendor-agnostic way”. The platform will help companies address their concerns over how an AI application makes decisions, how to handle the dearth of AI skills, and the complexities of working with isolated third-party AI tools from multiple vendors.

OpenScale AI arrives at a time when businesses are highly considering to use artificial intelligence. What hinders many of the organizations from deploying AI are their concerns over trust and compliance, lack of in-house talent to confidently manage the technology, and the absence of transparency into how AI models function and give results.

OpenScale AI helps companies with the following activities:

  1. Provide explanations and visibility into how AI models are making decisions
  • Automatically detect and mitigate bias to produce fair, trusted outcomes

  • Boost the confidence of enterprises by solving the challenges involved in AI adoption

  • Provide auditability into AI applications so that it becomes easy to identify whether businesses comply with regulations such as GDPR

  • Address the shortage of skilled AI engineers by using AI to build AI. IBM’s Neural Network Synthesis Engine (NeuNetS) enables businesses to rapidly and automatically build neural networks from scratch.

  • Facilitate interoperability among tools and frameworks, between the application and the machine learning models that deliver predictions

AI OpenScale is the latest among the AI projects IBM has launched over the last few months. AI OpenScale service is available within the IBM Cloud Watson product portfolio. It will be available via the IBM Cloud and IBM Cloud Private later this year.

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