AWS Kicks Off AR, VR and 3D Application Building with Amazon Sumerian

AWS has launched an innovative product termed “Amazon Sumerian”, on the eve of the annual AWS re: Invent conference. Amazon states that Sumerian is the fastest and easiest way to create VR, AR, and 3D experiences. Users without any specialized programming or 3D graphics expertise can easily build applications with Sumerian. Like any other AWS service, Amazon Sumerian is free to use, that is, you need to pay only for the storage that you use.

AWS has stated that users will get access to the preview of Sumerian from today. The tool allows users to build highly immersive and interactive experiences, compatible with any browser that supports WebGL or WebVR graphics rendering, including Daydream, HTC Vive, Oculus Rift, and iOS mobile devices. Support for Android ARCore will be available soon.

How it Works?

Five simple steps, is all what you need to move along with Sumerian:

Upload your 3D assets to be used in your scene. FBX and OBJ format 3D asset files are currently supported by Sumerian. Create a digital character that will narrate your scene. You can select the appearance of the character and define its speech and behavior. Edit your scene by adding objects, changing background, or animating the scene. You can regulate the behavior of an object using Sumerian’s visual editor or JavaScript editor. The next step is to publish your scene. The completed scene will be stored in the cloud. It will have a unique URL which you can use. The last step is to run your scene on a VR or AR or mobile device using a browser that supports WebVR.

A Few Use Cases

Amazon Sumerian can be used to build training simulations for employee education and awareness. For example, employees in fields such as aviation, industrial machinery etc. can get hands-on training through simulations created based on real-world scenarios. This reduces the training cost of businesses. You can also build product demos that helps retailers to market and sell their products easily, or create a virtual concierge that could engage with users through a mobile device or kiosk on-site at your company. Creative professionals, designers or business professionals can improve the efficiency of their product design using Sumerian. You can build scenes that will assist you in setting the standards for the creation of new products or other creative assets.

AR, VR and 3D Graphics are always considered as fields that require a huge amount of coding and technical expertise. With Sumerian, Amazon is taking a major leap to modernize and simplify this new wave of technology.

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