Amazon – The Vanguard of Artificial Intelligence

AI-Driven Innovation: How Amazon Redefines Retail

Amazon is a technology company. We just happen to do retail. "- Amazon CTO, Werner Vogels, has very famously said. It is no empty boast. It has always been a leader in technology development and adoption. It has exploited technology to offer the most competitive prices and the fastest delivery times to its customers. They have also forayed into the world of artificial intelligence (AI) to redefine their services.

Amazon implemented AI integrated robots to automate and speed up the sorting and retrieval at its warehouses.

This helped them reduce their human efforts and time required to sort the orders for delivery. They decided to invest in machine learning and implement it in the robots so that they need not be programmed and instead will use AI.

Amazon is making use of machine learning and AI for their new initiatives – drone delivery and cashier-less Amazon convenience stores. In fact, it has been using AI and deep learning to forecast demand, recommend products to its customers, detect fraud, and place orders for merchandise.

Speech and image recognition is one of the major applications of AI. Amazon has gone on to integrate natural language understanding (NLU), automatic speech recognition (ASR), visual search and image recognition, text-to-speech (TTS) to their AI platforms.

Amazon has already developed many technologies using AI and Machine Learning such as Amazon Rekognition, Polly, Lex, EMR along with AI frameworks and infrastructure. Amazon’s Text to Speech technology Polly is being widely used for creating apps that can talk. Jeff Bezos, Amazon’s founder CEO exclaims that we are in the golden era of AI. Alexa, the digital assistant from Amazon, is another breakthrough in AI which can be seen in the car’s dashboards to wearable gadgets.

SageMaker Introduced by Amazon in 2017

Amazon SageMaker was introduced in 2017 to allows data scientists to create, train, and deploy machine learning models on embedded systems and edge-devices. This helps enterprises developing machine learning products and solutions to use SageMaker’s in-built algorithms to develop high-quality models.

AWS DeepLens was developed by Amazon in 2017 to allow developers to use video cameras to learn machine learning concepts through pre-built models and tutorials.

Amazon Go stores, which was founded in 2018, allows customers to buy products through a self-checkout station. It uses deep learning algorithms, sensor fusion technology, geofencing and computer vision technology to automate the transaction.

Utilizing machine learning solutions for your company will give you the competitive edge required for you to stay ahead. Customized AI models can be designed by keeping specific business requirements in mind. Whether it is picking out your customers in real-time with facial recognition or understanding customer sentiments with natural language processing, work with Zerone to transform your business.

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